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Well-being matters

We are living in unprecedented times. Everyone is wondering if this is the new normal. If it is, how will it affect our lives and influence mobility both in the short and long-term and what can we do about it?

KONE can help you stay safe

How people interact with everyday environments is set to change. KONE’s people flow expertise, together with a range of health and well-being solutions, will help recreate safer user journeys and healthy spaces in your buildings.

Keep equipment running and safe

Minimize equipment downtime with predictive maintenance and create a smoother, and safer people flow with KONE’s planning and consulting services, designed to suit different customer needs.

Reduce the need to touch surfaces

通力的创新的光学解决方案使帐目ctless and efficient journeys.

Contribute to a healthier environment

With our solutions and services, you can share information real-time, schedule maintenance visits in advance, and remind users about physical distancing.

KONE’s people flow knowledge and expertise, at your service


Best practices and guidelines

KONE’s best practices and guidelines, with segment-specific examples, in people flow planning, will support customers in ensuring business continuity.

Contact your local sales representative to find out more.


Turning data into insights

Looking to ensure a safe and smooth re-entry into workplaces? KONE’s customized elevator traffic analysis, people flow report, and a portfolio of health and well-being solutions will help customers be prepared for the new normal.

Contact your local sales representative to find out more.


KONE People Flow Planning and Consulting

To help customers manage restricted traffic and optimize user journeys in offices and commercial buildings, KONE’s People Flow Planning and Consulting service provides recommendations that support these buildings gradually to be opened in a safe manner.

保持你的关键设备运行ning 24/7

保持你的关键设备运行ning 24/7

Increase the uptime of your equipment with the power of KONE 24/7 Connected Services predictive maintenance to identify potential issues and fix them before they occur.

Health and well-being solutions

KONE’s innovative solutions for elevators, escalators, and doors are designed to make people’s journeys safe, clean, and smooth. Contact your local sales representative for more health and well-being solutions that are best suited for your needs.

Read how we are supporting healthier people flow environments

The services, products or solutions described here as KONE health and well-being solutions promote health and well-being. However, the solutions do not ensure that no diseases or infections will occur at premises where they are being used. KONE cannot be held liable for any infections or diseases occurring at such facilities or the resulting medical consequences.

Want to learn more?

Find out more about the solutions available in your country/region as well as local contacts on your local KONE website.



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